The Best Affordable Black Bay Alternative of 2024

The Best Affordable Black Bay Alternative of 2024

In this video we see what Swedish Micro brand Tuseno is capable of with their new flagship dive watch, the Shellback version 2. With a silhouette that is reminiscent of expensive Swiss luxury options from brands like Rolex and Tudor, and excellent finishing to match, the Shellback mixes things up with fun quirky accents, delivering something unique at an affordable price point.


  1. Barry Ernest Stull

    I watched your YouTube presentation the other day. I really like the look of the Tuseno Shellback watch. I thought I saw an offer of 40% discount on this watch but can not find it on your website. I would like to see more info on Tuseno Brands. Can I purchase this type watch from your website?
    I also liked the Aquatico Sea Star.
    Thank you

    • Dave

      Hey Barry! Occasionally I sell review samples, but I didn’t get one for the Shellback, that was a prototype that they loaned in for the review. Right now I believe the only place to buy it is direct from Tuseno.

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